The week after Cape Town was my Aunties 60th birthday which meant a lovely dinner on the Wednesday night and a few nights away in Bela-Bela. On the Friday morning we packed up the cars with tasty treats and plenty of booze and headed to Elements private golf reserve for a chilled weekend with family and friends. As me and my cousin were the only people not in a four by four truck we had some giggles fighting with the long and winding dirt road to our location. One by one the family friends joined us and we made our way to the golf club house, it was grand, an amazing venue but sadly it was very quiet, so quiet that the bar and restaurant was pretty much shut unless you were after a cider or a beer. Having said that the view of the golf course was stunning, after a quick cider and a few photos it was time for grub.   
My cousins, auntie and I had all spent the previous day getting food ready. The cousins and I were in charge of desserts so there were plenty on offer, salted caramel and peanut butter cupcakes, apple crumble and slutty brownies (cookie dough, Oreo and brownies in one, to die for). My auntie had made a pork curry and a beef in red wine sauce so the first night was a big feast and catch up with people I haven’t seen in years. On the Saturday we drove to a place called the shack not far away from elements for some lunch. It consisted of all different nibbles and there were a few laughs shared around the table that was over looking a small swimming pool and outdoor area. 

The final evening was one of my favourites so far, it was just me my uncle and auntie after everyone had gone back home for work. Down at the fire pit, or as they call it here the boma, we sat by the crackling fire and looked up at the most incredible sheet of stars. The Milky Way, Venus and Jupiter like I’ve never seen them before, without a telescope, just stars for miles, too many to contemplate. After a while Mars appeared over the horizon, the sky, or I suppose the earth tilted and we watched as it happened. It was a breathtaking time, a moment that you never wanted to end. One of those moments where time slows down and your cares and worries just slip away. You realise just how small you are and how short life is. It makes you feel relaxed yet empowered, now I’m no astrologist but there are few times in life that make can me feel this way and it was an unforgettable moment for me. 



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