So the first leg of my world tour lands me in South Africa where I am lucky enough to have some amazing family. My dads brother moved out here thirty-nine years ago which means that I haven’t seen too much of the family over my mere twenty-three years, I actually sat with my cousins and tried to figure out just how much time we had spent together in total throughout our lives and it worked out at about ten weeks. Clearly our Dads genes run strong though as we are so similar, not in looks but in the way we think, our sense of humour, just the way we are. It has been so nice to see them and catch up, to get to know them a little better than before.

After a few days of adjusting to the heat and spending a night at each of the family members homes I headed down to Cape Town with one of my cousins. She was running the Two Oceans half marathon so it was the perfect opportunity to tag along. Luckily for me my cousin has a fair few friends in Cape Town and we stayed with a lovely couple and their two beautiful daughters in an absolutely stunning house in Constansia. The house backed on to table mountain and when the weather was good, for those of you who don’t know the weather is always unpredictable in Cape Town, it was breath taking. 

With my cousin running in the Two Oceans half marathon on our first morning we headed out to the expo for the race, it was held in the Cape Town international Conference centre where you could find clothes, gadgets, foods, everything really that somehow related to running or sports in general. It was nice to walk around and if I had been heading back to England I probably could have filled my bag with goodies and race memorabilia. Once the shopping was completed and the race packs collected we headed up long street for and stumbled across a little market in a square. There were hundred of wooden animal carvings, bright, colourful painting on sheets of canvas and small ornaments made out of wire and beads. There was an African band playing and dancing which could be heard in the background of tourists discussing prices with the locals . We continued our stroll up Long street until we got to our lunch spot, Royale Eatery a place for yummy burgers and even yummier milkshakes!

 The next day was a busy one. I’m not sure if the city sightseeing buses count as proper travelling but they’re amazing, we headed down to the Victoria and Alfred waterfront and jumped on the blue route. Our first stop was the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens, it is home to a beautiful view of the mountain and valleys especially now they have built the boomslang tree walkway. Although it kind of swayed in the wind it made the views all the more special, kind of like a still from Jurassic park it makes you feel small and insignificant as you look out over the endless tree tops and greenery. After a quick cup of tea and a scone in the restaurant we headed back to the bus stop and got back on. The tour takes you in a loop along the coast line past hout bay, Llandudno, Clifton and Camps bay, an unbelievable route overlooking the jagged cliffs of the twelve apostles on one side and the gigantic round rocks being battered by the freezing Southern Ocean. Although it was a tad windy to say the least we stopped of at a cafe caprice for some food, it was a lovely restaurant on the beach front with delicious cocktails but we knew we had wine tasting to come so one was enough. 

We met up with our hosts at a wine farm called Groot Constansia just five minutes from their house. There was an option to match wine to chocolate or cheese but we just went for an option where we could taste five wines of our choice. There was a lot of talk about pinotage and how as a visitor it was imperitive to try it, sadly it wasn’t great on this occasion but I’m happy to say I’ve tasted much better since! Later on it was time for dinner, friends of our host were in town for the race too so we headed into the town to a French place called basirka, the food was to die for and the company was great too.
The rest of our trip was pretty chilled, spent walking the dogs, reading and lounging by the pool as it was a time for race prep which meant plenty of rest, something I was more than happy to participate in. Needless to say my cousin nailed the half mart hong and I couldn’t have been prouder, we met up afterwards and headed to a place called peddlers for some carbohydrates. Luckily we managed to get into the house before a huge storm hit, Cape Town weather really is unpredictable.

The Sunday fell on Easter which meant we were included in our hosts family Sunday lunch. Their garden was full of amazing vegetables and herbs all organic, they featured heavily in our meals throughout the week, seriously impressive and seriously delicious. Our dinner was amazing which was no surprise as our host was very at home in the kitchen, she was hospitable in every way, effectively “#lifegoals” personified. The following day was our last and we headed up to Silvermine Park to walk around the dam to attempt to walk off the Easter goodies before indulging once more at Buitenverwachting. It was the perfect ending to our trip and Cape Town remains one of my favourite destinations in the world, it is breath taking in every way and worth a visit regardless of the unpredictable weather, the mountain alone makes up for it and the current exchange rate is all the more reason to take advantage of this beautiful place.


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