Come Fly With Me…

I’ve never been in airport alone before. In fact there are a lot of places I’ve never been, a lot of things I’ve never done, there are even a lot of things I’ve never said. Some, if not all of which would probably come in handy for the journey I’m about to embark on. As I’m planning on being brutally honest I feel I should disclose that right at the top of the list of things I’ve never done, just under flying solo, is writing a blog so please bare with me. 
To start off with I suppose I should give you a bit of a back story, a tale as to how on earth I’ve ended up sat in terminal three of Manchester airport, sat amoungst the many other solo passengers with their smelly sandwiches and oversized sunglasses waiting to be called to the gate. 

So, after leaving university in 2014 I set off to start saving for the trip of a lifetime, first I worked in a god awful recruitment agency before being fired (a story for another time) and moving on to managing a gorgeous pub in Greenwich, London. Although I loved London life, and the people that surrounded me, my heart was truly set on travel. With heavy bags and an even heavier heart I packed up my flat and headed back to my roots up north, where saving money would be much more achievable. A transfer within the company was in the bag so it was a smooth transition into my new pub. Admittedly the job was just a stepping stone for me, nothing to do with my degree but it was there when I was a desperate graduate in need of the money for extortionate rent and bills, for that reason alone I will always love that job. Having said that the fact remains that it just wasn’t challenging enough and I wanted to get as high as possible in as little time as possible, after all I had plans to travel! 

At this point I feel I should probably warn you that I don’t do things by halves, I’m an all or nothing kinda gal. That’s why I worked my backside off being paid buttons per hour, in the hopes of getting  a salaried job, a position that was dangled in front of me, you know  in a cartoon when a dog is being teased with a bone, well I was the dog. It completely distracted me and my plans got pushed to one side as I kept telling myself “if I just do this it will look better on my cv when I get back and I’ll be able to save a little more money before going off on my travels”. To be fair they are still valid points but I suddenly had the realisation that it just wasn’t worth it, plus, by this time my savings account was just about looking juicy enough to consider making travel plans. That was the moment when somehow, I found myself sending off quote requests for around the world flights instead of writing a business plan. 

Needless to say I’m glad I didn’t suppress my dreams any longer. I’ve said my very emotional goodbyes to all my family and friends, I’ve made plans for most of my destinations and I’ve survived my first solo flight, I’m not really sure what happens now, I’m not even sure what I’m going to write here, regardless, I know I’m in for what’s probably going to be, the best year of my life so far.
Tra for now 

Tilly mint 


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